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Solved is a cleantech advisory service and collaboration platform. Solved tackles the world's sustainability challenges in an amazing way.

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  • YIT’s Environmentally Positive Residential Area

    Environmentally positive residential area maximizes environmentally positive impacts and creates well-being. The starting point for the concept was the notion of "plus energy", i.e. when the area generates more energy than it consumes.

  • Allas – Helsinki Sea Pool Complex

    The harbor area of the Helsinki city center will get a facelift. The Allas – Helsinki Pool will be an urban culture venue for the citizens in Spring 2016. Allas will be situated near the market square and next to Helsinki Skywheel, and it will also be a national cleantech showroom.

  • District Heating in Slovakia

    Slovakia faces complex challenges in the field of energy production and district heating. Solved experts have profound experience and knowledge of the district heating (DH) and co-generation of heat power (CHP).

  • Sustainable Ski Resort Vision in Lech and Zürs

    Solved is up to set a new vision for Austrian top ski resort not only to become low carbon or carbon neutral, but rather contributing to the nature by right combination of ecological solutions and means to inspire sustainable lifestyle of inhabitants and tourists at the resort.

  • Cleantech Refurbishment Business in Heinola

    Solved experts develop new business concepts while combining local strengths in refurbishment, cleantech and timber construction and thus enhance business competitiveness in Heinola, Finland.

  • Sustainable Travel Business in Levi

    The project develops sustainable growth strategy and concrete plans for growth for the companies in Levi and Kittilä, Finland. Solved experts help to conduct holistic analysis on “sustainable travel” and draws conclusions what are the crucial success factors for future success of Levi from the point of view of sustainable travel business.

  • Cleantech Strategy for Rauma

    The goal was to identify the state and future prospects of Rauma and key growth areas in a low-carbon city. Rauma is known for its shipbuilding and paper industry, and the city wants to utilize experience and expertise of local cleantech companies.

  • Cleantech Efficiency for Transport and Roads

    The Finnish Transport Agency aims to enable functional, efficient and safe travels and transportations on roads, railroads and waterways. The goal in all operations is the sparing use of energy and natural resources, slowing down climate change and the preservation of the diversity of nature.

  • Enjoy it Bratislava!

    The digital collaboration platform Solved is used in cocreating ideas on how to make the life in Bratislava more sustainable and enjoyable. The experts from Canada, Finland, Germany, Australia and Slovakia joined forces and cocreated a vision for the city in different areas as mobility, urbanization, public spaces and cultural premises.

About us

Solved lets you easily cooperate with the best cleantech experts. Solved brings together the leading experts and new ways of working in order to cocreate appealing solutions. Solved offers the ultimate, holistic cleantech advisory on demand, and a chance to create own projects and utilize the community to increase business – fast. Solved was launched as a Cleantech Finland's online service in 2012, and established as a separate company in May 2013.

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Solved offers a completely secure access to confidential information and data, which is shared exclusively among the invited project members. We will publish information only upon your request, so you have absolute control on what is public, private and confidential data.