Aleksi Lumijärvi
Chief Strategy Officer
at GreenStream Network

GreenStream Network
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Environment Energy Water Air Processes Mobility

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Passion Mobilising finance for green investment projects and businesses. Making green projects bankable and businesses financially strong enough to succeed. Doing more good than bad in general. How did I become me? I have worked within energy sector for almost 20 years, focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency financing. I have evaluated hundreds of projects and businesses in all parts of the world, including both developed and developing countries. I been involved in closing of dozens of project finance, M&A, private equity, venture capital and GHG emissions trading deals in renewable energy an energy efficiency sectors. I have held managerial positions in consulting, financial advisory and fund management businesses. The problems I solve Most of my time is spent with renewable energy and energy efficiency investment projects and businesses, evaluating and specifying the business models and financial structures to make them viable investment cases. I also spend a lot of time designing and modeling funds and other investment vehicles targeting renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities. These customers include both private and public sector organisations such as cleantech sector growth companies, IPPs, private equity / asset management companies, international development finance institutions, governments, and other.