Eero Huttunen
Project Manager
at Planora Ltd

Planora Ltd
Private company


Expert in:

Technology Environment Energy Water Materials Construction ICT

More about this expert:

My passion is create profitable and sustainable green business. I started my professional career from geo-environmental research which later led to various project management tasks in private sector. Since the year 2004 I have been working in Cleantech business development assignments both in private and public sector. I got my MSc in geotechnics at the University of Oulu 1991. From my researcher career I have gained a deep and diverse experience on environmental technologies, especially utilization of industrial by-products. Since 1997 my professional career has concentrated on various environmental business development operations including 17 years of experience in Technopolis Plc and other Finnish companies. As a result I have a large contact network consisting of environmental companies, research organizations, funding agencies, technology development organizations and both municipal and industrial customer segments. During the last years I have worked in close co-operation with large corporations, startup –companies and both public and private funding agencies. At the moment I am involved in development of new Cleantech/ICT -business in Planora Ltd