Yang Fenghui
Marketing Director
at Runtech Systems

Runtech Systems
Private company


Expert in:

General Policy Society Environment Energy

More about this expert:

Passion 12 years experience in cleantech R&D, R&D management and business development in China, Japan, Vietnam and Finland. Experienced in international cooperation. How did I become me? Earn his living from the first day entering university, Mr. Yang has been awarded as the Star of Self-improvement by lots of part time jobs and self invested business in university. Master of Sciences in Hiroshima University, Japan with major of Landscape Ecology and GIS. Bachelor of Sciences in Fudan University, China with major of Environment and Resources Biology. Before GreenStream, Mr. Yang has worked in university, Chinese domestic company, as Chief Representative for a Chinese big environmental company in Vietnam, and China Director of Finnish Environmental Cluster for China. The problems I solve Mr. Yang has a broad view of China cleantech business. And has mastered rich cleantech knowledge and built broad partner network from public and private sectors in both China and Finland. Now dedicating in carbon financing and EMC business development between Finland and China.