Eero Siitonen
Senior Consultant
at Finpro Beijing, Finland Trade Center

Finpro Beijing, Finland Trade Center
State owned company


Expert in:

Finance Technology Energy Air Processes Mobility

More about this expert:

Passion I have been rewarded Environmental prize 2008 by Finnish Fair Foundation “a Pioneer of energy auditing and ESCO business in Finland” and INNOSUOMI 2009 prize “ESCO and MASCO services”. I was one of the founders and Managing Director of the first Finnish ESCO-company, Inesco Oy, which had specialized in Industry. The Company was the market leader in industrial sector both in Finland and in Europe. Inesco had a wide experience and strong know-how and it implemented about 30 per cent of all investments concerning efficient use of energy in Finnish industry. All investments were financed with achieved savings. So my passion is to be one kind of a pioneer in challenging tasks. How did I become me? I have worked in all kind of industrial energy efficiency improving business like in consulting, engineering, contracting, ESCO business, business development, etc. over 30 years. I became interested in energy efficiency improving in 1976 when there was “the first energy crisis in Finland” and oil price rose sharply. The problems I solve Industrial energy efficiency improving