Siim Soplepmann
Co-founder / Member of Board
at CoreGrow

Private company


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Policy Finance Society Technology

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Passion The field of Cleantech has developed into a passion due to my belief that technological advancement can solve world's current and future problems. With no scientist's blood in my veins, I have specialised in assisting people and organisations that can, do and will make a difference. How did I become me? Cleantech was an occasional passion in high school and it became a chronic malady during my university career. I had a soft landing in the niche world of EU innovation funds through a lucky chance as returning home from my studies abroad (Norway, Spain, US) I was recruited by Invent Baltics as a consultant. My passion for Cleantech and experience in public innovation measures have created the professional me that now works at Skeleton Technologies. The problems I solve Answer questions and share my knowledge/experience related to supercapacitors, their applications and energy storage. In addition, I assist organisations with defining their business cases, focusing their R&D objectives, finding suitable programmes for funding and writing/managing proposals within the framework of EU innovation funds. With over 20'000 funding schemes available, I can identify those that best match your future plans.