Oleg Gulich
Smart Grid Project Manager
at Caruna

Private company


Expert in:

Technology Energy Air Construction ICT

More about this expert:

Passion New technologies for energy distribution and consumption, especially the ones that result from a synergy between ICT and Energy sectors (e.g. Demand Response, HEMS, VPP, Microgrids, Active Network Management). How did I become me? After graduating from Lappeenranta University of Technology, I started work as a Scientific Researcher in Fortum where I studied various issues around network automation, self-healing networks, and energy efficiency. After that, I became involved in managing the Smart Grids and Energy Markets R&D program and took the role of a project manager for Smart Grid projects inside the company. Additionally, I try to promote Finnish Smart Grid activities globally. I have presented on various Energy industry conferences in Europe, Asia and North America. The problems I solve R&D around Smart Grid technologies, piloting, business models, and concept developing: Vice Program Manager of Smart Grids and Energy Markets (SGEM) Finnish national R&D program; Executive committee member of the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) representing Finland; Shaping requirements for pilot projects and coming up with solutions beneficial for both Fortum and its customers; Responsible for Smart Grids R&D communication, management and coordination (SGEM-related) in Fortum; Defining a Smart Grid roadmap for Electricity Solutions and Distribution division of Fortum; Actively communicating both externally and internally on Smart Grid technologies (articles, conferences, meetings).