Sander Jahilo
CEO & Creative Director
at Düün Planetary Marketing

Düün Planetary Marketing
Private company


Expert in:

Design Environment Energy Processes ICT

More about this expert:

Passion Innovation in sustainability marketing through creativity and solid environmental benefits. Using raw data as a tool for solving resources-related challenges. Anything to do with carbon footprints. How did I become me? I am an M.Sc in life cycle energy and carbon footprint assessments, having utilised these skills in the printing industry as an environmental manager for many years. Coupled with an admiration for the creative arts (design, film & writing), I realised that the communication of sustainability efforts to customers is lackluster due to marketers and ad agencies being incompetent in technical and environmental issues, leading me to found my own agency to provide exactly that - creative marketing and advertising for companies who want to use their sustainability benefits as a competitive advantage or who want to improve their environmental performance in order to achieve that advantage. The problems I solve Communicating sustainability improvements to stakeholders and clients, decreasing carbon footprints of products and services.