Lassi J Pensikkala
Managing Director, Owner
at Nova Scala IBD

Nova Scala IBD
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Finance Law Society Technology Design Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction Mobility ICT

More about this expert:

International Business Development based in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Not only the language but the intercultural communication, the environment, the business habits and technical requirements may be a problem without professional and local consultancy. Ecuador, Peru and Colombia have huge projects for the next years where international investments, technology and know how is required. Finland as Cleantech superpower has a good opportunity for the business in the Andean region and all Latin America. How did I become me? I live more than half of my life abroad, in Sweden, Germany and Ecuador, South America. A long experience in international business, the academic studies and practical orientated thinking has made me one who can make the best even in the hardiest conditions. The problems I solve My work is not focussed to solve problems but much more to find opportunities and possibilities. If my client has a problem to solve the way is to analyse together the situation and I make with my team of experts a plan to offer a solution. To make of a problem an new opportunity is the best alternative. Additional to my experience and education I have a very good relation and excellent contacts to private and public sector what makes many times the things easier and faster. I speak five languages: Finnish, Swedish, German, English and Spanish.