Jojakim Sames
Partner/ Owner
at Ingenieurbüro Sames / Sames Solar

Ingenieurbüro Sames / Sames Solar
Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Environment Energy Water Processes Construction

More about this expert:

My passion is my Family and my Job in the renewable business, where I can help to make the world a little (or big) bit better. I love PV Solar Systems and storage possibilities. I founded also Engineers without borders Germany more than 14 Years ago in this approach. I am working now for 13 years in the solar business. Now the main target is the storage technology. I have held a lot ov PV Seminars, and I am also working as a PV lecturer at the University for Applied sciences in Giessen. The biggest challenge concerning my Job was the construction of a refugee Camp for more then 9000 people in the middle of nowhere in Chad in a time frame of 8 weeks with a team of three people. My Interest is in transforming the world from being fossile dependent to a clean world with renewables. Hobbys: Electric transportation, Co2 reducing in construction (i.e. Houses of straw), Riding my electric trial Bike and using PV energy and storage technology.