Thomas Schleutker
Founding Partner
at Storico



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Finance Technology Processes ICT

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Passion To help people and organizations to become locally global by commercializing their unique expertise and skills in the emerging digital content economy. How did I become me? I realized after working in different managerial and executive positions for twenty years with marketing and delivering of high expertise-based products and services that the customers when making their buying decision actually want to attach themselves to good and trustable stories and the professional people behind them. When the story works, everything else works. The power of the story is still there but it needs to be adjusted to those standards and rules how people prefer to use the media today and engage themselves in different theme-specific reader and interest communities. Business success comes out of being in the right forum and community. The challenges I solve Customer acquisition and retention by using smart content, digital content business design and implementation, sustainable change management with agile methods, content as place branding instrument for fund-raising, cause-related marketing platforms for sustainable development, cluster-based development models.