Eila Lahdenperä
Project Manager
at Tengbom Eriksson Architects

Tengbom Eriksson Architects
Private company


Expert in:

Society Design Environment Materials Construction Mobility

More about this expert:

Passion Eila loves to make places flourish. Her specialty is planning eco-efficient cities and villages, usually trough supplementary building. Eila is fascinated by traditional European cities with their flexibility and mixed functions. She makes flexible land use plans, which enable the deployment of the newest cleantech in short notice. How did I become me? Eila graduated as Master of Science from Aalto university, Department of Architecture, with Urban planning and design being the main subject. She has been working in various land use planning projects and is certified land use planner (YKS). The problems I solve An ecological aspect in land use planning: strategic plans, city plans, urban design, supplementary building in cities and villages, urban renewals, how to make citizens happy.