Jukka Loikala
at Cargotec

Private company


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Technology Environment Water Materials Processes Mobility

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Passion Mr. Loikala has over 30 years’ diversified experience and industry expertise from environmental business covering water supply, sanitation and solid waste management. During his career Mr. Loikala has participated in over 300 environmental projects in over 30 countries worldwide in different roles, such as a technical consultant, plant expert, contractor’s/supplier’s representative, etc. How did I become me? Current position was preceded by 8 years as a principal consultant for speeding up internationalization of Finnish environmental SMEs. Before that Mr. Loikala worked for over 12 years in the global Jaakko Pöyry Group – 8 years as a technical consultant and expert in environmental projects and plants, and for 4 years in the contracting business, being responsible for environmental treatment plants projects on effluent treatment and solid waste management in the Group’s contracting arm JP-International. The problems I solve My major task is in building comprehensive waste and recycling logistics solutions for customer challenges and needs in mature and emerging markets, main focus currently being in China megacities and other rapidly developing emerging markets. Working over 30 years in different countries, cultures, customers, companies and projects have given a profound understanding, knowledge, and experience on the diversified technologies, practices and solutions applied in the solid waste management worldwide. I hope to use and share this cumulated learning and “tool box” with people struggling with waste management issues in different parts of the world.