Jonne Hellgren
at RePack

Private company


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Technology Design Environment Processes Mobility ICT

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Being an entrepreneur was never a plan but looking back it was inevitable. Always liking new ideas and approaches I jumped from one thing to another and built a solid understanding on wide range of subjects, cultures and people on the way. I studied management in Manchester, UK and once graduated I worked in IT for a couple of years before going for masters course in four different countries in urban studies. Back in Finland I started a sustainability consultancy and got my first experience of running ones own business. After few years I became intrigued by industrial design and clean tech, which resulted into co-founding a startup called RePack. Having gained experience from product, concept and business development, funding, pitching and team building I have found that I'm at my best in a team environment that is building something new. In business development roles I visit e-commerce companies on a weekly basis and research them from logistical, branding, marketing and business perspectives. Specialties: startups, lean, pitching, reuse, e-commerce, logistics, packaging, sustainability, environmental information and metrics, carbon and ecological footprinting, carbon and GHG management, partnering and co-creation models, funding, innovation