Jyotsna Joshi
Graduate Researcher
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Freelance Consultant


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Technology Environment Energy Materials Processes

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Passion Exploring and managing new techniques to grow plants in order to increase the yield potential by maintaining the environment and using different hydroponic techniques. How did I become me? With a 6 years of Biotechnology educational knowledge, my major research experiences as follows has helped me what i have become. Further, i've gradually polished the plant cell and tissue culture techniques, hydroponic system techniques, molecular biology techniques. -Effects of the bottom light with various level of light intensity on lettuce growth (2014-2015) Research Grant: Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) -RAPD analysis and salt stress tolerance screening of KDML 105 (Oryza sativa) mutants (International Conference: The 2nd ASEAN Plus Three Graduate Research Congress (2nd AGRC) -Identification of KDML 105 (Oryza sativa cv. KDML 105) mutants in responses to salt stress. (Master thesis, 2012-2014) -Isolation, Characterization and Evaluation of Real Time RT PCR procedures for the Diagnosis of Clinical samples of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus in Nepal. (Bachelor thesis- 2007-2011) -Modification of an Existing Rural Cool Store (2008) First Year Project, Research Grant: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kathmandu University