Petra Kotuliakova
Founder, Director
at You too in IT / AJ Ty v IT

You too in IT / AJ Ty v IT
Nongovernmental organization


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Society ICT

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I'm working as communication manager in education area. It shows me, how many problems do we have inside and how is standard system in Slovakia unable to manage it. I have created an NGO for solve one of problems special for girls - lack of motivation, missing information and no interest for pushing girls to study technical and ICT fields. My passion is to change their lives for allow them to became independent, well qualified, very demanded and successful ICT professionals. I spend a lot of time with high school girls, their teachers and friends and try to find the best way to approach them. Biggest challenge was launch of this organization, as this kind of project was first in Slovakia. We hadn't money, only the faith for change the system. Daily challenges are in discussions with girl's parents, teachers, public, about the topic: "Do you really think, that we need more girls into ICT?" Yes, I do. And I try to persuade everybody, why we need them.