Mirja Illikainen
at Fiber and particle engineering

Fiber and particle engineering


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Prof. Mirja Illikainen is head of the Fibre and particle engineering research unit. Fibre and particle engineering research unit carries out research in the field of biomaterials, biochemicals and advanced inorganic materials in circular economy. Illikainen is leading the research area of geopolymers. She is also a chair of Advanced inorganic materials and circular economy – research community at the university of Oulu. Prof. Illikainen has published more than 40 scientific papers in the field of cellulose fibres, industrial minerals and processing and utilization of inorganic residuals, and got together 12 research grants and awards. She has lead several public research projects and currently she is PI in four projects dealing with geopolymers and several other research projects in the field of fibre and particle engineering.