Vesa Virtanen
Director, Professor
at University of Oulu

University of Oulu


Expert in:

Technology Environment Water Processes

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Director of Kajaani University Consortium and Unit of Measurement Technology, CEMIS-Oulu, Professor Passion Developing new analytical chemistry tools and measurement devices for environmental monitoring, process control and human wellbeing. Taking care of my physical condition and keeping up with my fast growing children. How did I become me? I have worked within analytical chemistry about 30 years, mostly within academia. I did a 10 year visit to public sector and company side working at European Commission Joint Research Centre (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements) developing among others analytical tools for survey of heavy metals in waters. After that I worked with Orion Pharma at their product development sector as senior scientist and group leader mainly in analytics related to asthma drug development and quality control. When returning to University of Oulu I started the biosensor research at unit of biotechnology. Nowadays my main research interest is in biosensor development and separation science for environmental and wellbeing sector. Since 2012 I am a professor in analytical chemistry (honorary title). The problems I solve At University of Oulu I lead research on development of analytical (chemistry of physics based) tools or devices aiming to improve the information of environmental status or production process control.