Anne Siira-Pietikäinen
Ph.D. Reseacher, Teacher, Business Developer
at YritysTakomo

Private company


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Passion To make the world a better place to live. The world will be saved if we start to value more smart and responsible use of renewable resources, clean technologies as well as local food and energy. How did I become me? As a child I enjoyed wandering in nearby forests and liked biology and geography at school. Now I have many years’ experience in forest ecosystem research and I defended my doctorate in population biology. As a researcher I was keen on the functions of soil animals in decomposition processes, species diversity and human impacts on ecosystems. Most of my scientific career I worked at the Finnish research institute, but also shorter periods at Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). In addition to research work I have worked as a teacher. I have been teaching in some courses at the University of Helsinki, but mostly I have taught biology, geography and health education on high school level as well as at upper comprehensive schools. I have also had an opportunity to act as a text book writer of high school biology. I have a master's degree in environmental sciences and I have worked as an environmental specialist in clean tech companies focusing on waste water treatment methods and solid waste management. The problems I solve I have an expertise to ecosystem function and biodiversity and the human impact on the environment. As an environmental specialist I got experience in reductions of environmental impacts as well as in applying the environmental legislation.