Jukka Räty
Development Manager
at University of Oulu, Cemis-Oulu

University of Oulu, Cemis-Oulu


Expert in:

Technology Environment Water Processes ICT

More about this expert:

I have a passion for applying state of art measurement technology to environmental monitoring, sports, well-being and process optimization in industry; and not forgetting brainstorming and innovating novel measurement methods and devices. I studied in Joensu with physics as my main subject and received my MSc in 1986 and PhD in 1999. After my MSc I worked in the private sector for several years solving measurement challenges existing in forest industry. My present work at the University of Oulu, Cemis-Oulu (measurement technology unit in Kajaani) has been more academic but still very much application driven. I have gained wide-ranging knowledge and expertise from my tasks as a researcher, project manager, research coordinator, team leader and currently development manager. However, optics and associated techniques are my main fields of expertise. I am also a docent (optics in industry) at the University of Eastern Finland.