Tuija Pulkkinen
New Growth Strategist/New Business Development Project Manager/Advisor
at Curious Grownups

Curious Grownups
Private company


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Society Technology Design Energy Water Mobility ICT

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My passion in life is and has always been increasing global understanding and fostering deep collaboration between a cast of unlikely characters. I believe diversity, putting contrasting minds together is the way to grow and find breakthrough solutions to business and societal challenges. Furthermore, to stay fresh and creative as a professional, a leader or a business owner you have to keep disrupting and reinventing yourself. As Einstein has said, "we cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". Therefore I have recently focused on dismantling my earlier business thinking, diversifying networks and learning new methods of perceiving and solving complex growth challenges. I have done that through founding and testing my own startup idea (Grownups for Startups); through active involvement in other startup and innovation projects; studying at THNK - the School of Creative Leadership and Innovation; and intensively collecting insights by reading, going to diverse startup events, observing and travelling. Through different experiences I have acquired new tools for business model innovation and scaling, and have co-created new approaches for driving growth for a variety of organisations. My varied background is of a business builder and designer, business developer, large account sales team leader and manager. I have opened new markets and orchestrated complex deal hunting for new strategic accounts in India and South East Asia, negotiated global strategic partnerships, and co-created and redesigned optimal solutions for customers. I bring a mix of tough, solid business background (Nokia Networks, Elcoteq sales) and fresh entrepreneurial, startup world experience. With this combination I am able to integrate and synthesise old and new games, help transform business models and fully leverage new game opportunities. During my career, I have lived 12 years as an expat in India, Singapore, Spain and Hungary. In addition, I have lived and worked significant periods in German speaking countries, in Barcelona, Cape Town and Stockholm. Moving and adapting to new cultures and business environments has made me culturally intuitive, flexible and adaptable to continuous change.