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Passion To support and advise different kinds of companies to conclude the best possible agreements and protect their brand and intellectual property. I also help companies to comply with and benefit from both national and international legislation. How did I become me? I studied biotechnology at the University of Turku and finalized my thesis in year 2005. During the same year, I entered into the faculty of law at the University of Turku. After my graduation (year 2009), I worked as legal counsel for a multinational corporation focusing on human and environmental health. Since 2010 I have been part of Legistum Attorneys’ team. I work with international and national commercial agreements and intellectual property rights. I assist my clients in Finnish, English and Swedish. The problems I solve In my work I face various challenging questions pertaining to my clients business and agreements. Companies in the cleantech sector operate in a highly regulated environment and they must follow the regulation in every step they take. My job is to make their job easier!