Teemu Kalliojärvi
Key Account Manager
at Suomen Talotekniikka Energia

Suomen Talotekniikka Energia
Private company


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Society Technology Design Environment Energy Air Processes Construction

More about this expert:

I consider myself as a new generation problem solver. My background includes cross country skiing at the junior's world championship level as well as studying business management, marketing and sustainable development at the degree programme of international business. My greatest passion is to apply my best skills and knowledge to contribute towards more sustainable future. Major part of my professional career has taken place on the field of clean energy sources and energy efficient solutions for buildings. My tasks and responsibilities has varied from sales and customer service to developing business consepts as well as coordinating CSR reporting and international operations. I see the future full of opportunities for responsible and sustainable businesses and that's a working environment where we might get to know each other! "Be the change you wish to see in the world"