Qiao Liang
Project Manager
at Beneq

Private company


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Technology Energy

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Passion To explore the unlimited potential of ALD and Aerosol technology, find the industrialization opportunities for these innovative technologies, and solve customer issues by providing solutions based on those technologies. How did I become me? I have always been fascinated with all kinds of innovative technologies. This passion has led me to experience multiple industries in the last ten years: digital printing, semiconductor, PV. I have also managed multiple customer delivery projects in the PV and OLED industries. As the leading company in ALD technology, Beneq is my latest adventure in the thinner world. My firm engineering background and machinery hands on experience have given me a better understanding of the customer’s situation, and I am really excited to work together with our customers to explore the unknown application of ALD technology. The years of multicultural experience from China, Netherlands and Finland have equipped me with excellent communication skills in cross cultural environments. The problems I solve Business development in ALD and Aerosol related applications.