Rajesh Mehta
at Entry India, Mehta Software Services, Governance Today

Entry India, Mehta Software Services, Governance Today
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Passion:To Help International Technology & Cleantech companies from Finland enter the Indian Market I am a serial entrepreneur and a leading International Business, Innovation and Public Policy Consultant. I have been involved in setting up of several companies and organizations into India. I am also Consulting Editor of Governance Today, a leading magazine in India. I have worked in various capacities with organizations like Tekes, Finnode, Finpro & EBTC. Linkedin:in.linkedin.com/in/rajeshmehtaentryindia/ Twitter:@entryindia The challenges I solve are:Martket Entry Advisory, Business Development,High Level Networking, Pre-Feasibility Studies,Trend Analysis,Business Development, Strategy,Governmental Relations,Operations,Joint Ventures