Jyri Somero
Implementer, Industrial Designer
at Ideaverstas Liiteri Oy

Ideaverstas Liiteri Oy
Private company


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General Design

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Passion To make life easier for other people. Solving problems. If I don’t know something, I'll find the answer. The biggest satisfaction is, after all, the relief I have been able to provide to the other person. I think it's been said that I am a man who works in clock accuracy, without a sense of time. So am I the researcher and solution developer, who will easily get lost in his work. How did I become me? I graduated as carpenter, wood designer and industrial designer BA. My master's degree thesis can be downloaded here: https://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/81052 At work, I have been three years as an in-house designer in an advertising light manufacturing company, and then in various positions as a project manager for ten years. The last two years I have worked for the LADEC Ltd. My main job, the CleanDesign Center project, is to provide research and development projects carried out with CleanDesign. The problems I solve Here in the Lahti region, we have already strong expertise in cleantech and industrial design. My goal at the moment is to find in this area the small and medium-sized businesses that want to include CleanDesign in their development projects. I think you can get the most out of me, if you put me in the middle of the interface with designers, production and end-users to create new links between different applications, materials and techniques.