Veikko Rihu
Managing Director
at Provoke Design

Provoke Design
State owned company


Expert in:

General Society Design Materials

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Passion Bridging the gap between technology enablers and end users. In the end, it is real people that use technology, and I believe it is vital to solve products and services in a way that revolves around people's real needs and expectations, not just what the technology enables. How did I become me? In Provoke Design, I have been consulting global organizations in their various product and service development needs, both in consumer and specialized B2B fields. I strongly believe the best designs emerge from reduction of complexity, which is well in line with the ideology of Clean Design. The problems I solve I concentrate on making products and services that meet their need - things that can communicate why they exist. I try to function as the middle man between technology and human. Engineers and technology experts can do what they do best, and my job is to package all that in to a coherent, understandable and approachable offering that people can believe in.