Pia Adibe
Project Manager (KM & Communications) / Finance & Personnel
at Lexpert & Open Knowledge Finland

Lexpert & Open Knowledge Finland


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Environment Processes ICT

More about this expert:

I work to turn development challenges of strategic communications, capabilities & competences into possibilities. I aim to make intellectual capital visible through strategy work, communications and competence foresight. Business development and knowledge sharing, i.e. organizational learning in a constant change, are my core specialties in the context of taking a knowledge management view to business. We need management and leadership, not only with head and hands but also with heart in organizing collaboration and creating a shared vision between people. In the end, there is always a person. Trust is needed for knowledge sharing, creativity and innovations. Well-being, competitive organization uses knowledge and competences as assets, nurturing and investing in them on a continuous basis. Networks, intellectual and social capital, values, strategies, learning, tacit knowledge, know-how and who-knows are built with communication. My dearest interests in professional sense are the possibilities of futures thinking, human potential, organizational learning, collaboration tools, diverse thinking in teams and emotions at the working place. See also my Linkedin profile at http://fi.linkedin.com/in/piaadibe