Riikka Salokannel
at Lahti Science and Business Park

Lahti Science and Business Park
Nongovernmental organization


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General Design Environment

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Passion Increasing the usage of industrial design in the R&D operations of the industrial companies in the Lahti region, and to help the region’s design service companies to develop and grow their business. How did I become me? Ms. Salokannel is a former Design Manager of Oy Sinebrychoff Ab, a subsidiary of the international Carlsberg Group (2002-2010). Ms. Salokannel is not only a design business developer and strategist but also a designer: She is an owner and a partner of the Studio Salokannel & Toivonen / Studio S&T Crew Ky specializing in product and brand design. She has also worked as a packaging designer at Stora Enso Oy. The problems I solve Combaining cleantech with user-centered industrial design – CleanDesign challenges.