Ahmed Jimale - Jaffar
RE Lecturer and Head of the Center for Energy Efficiency and RE Development
at Banadir University

Banadir University


Expert in:

Technology Environment Energy Construction

More about this expert:

Senior Electrical Engineer and Renewable Energy (RE) Expert. I have relocated myself in Somalia from the UK where I have been schooled and worked in the past 25 years. In Somalia, I have worked with the Federal Government as a Consultant and involved in the preparation of the New Deal for Somalia and the Economic Recovery Plan (ERP). I now work with UNOPS and also teach in one of the local Universities (Banadir University), where I have introduced the subject of RE to the final year students. I have made numerous researches, attended RE conferences and webinars and with the University, I have conducted series seminars in Mogadishu and other major cities in Somalia, on 'Solar PV technology applications in Somalia' and 'Climate Change and RE in Somalia'. I have designed and installed solar PV systems and supervised RE projects for final year students and currently working on 'RE needs assessment in Somalia with proposed curriculum' with the University.