Akeem Cujo Oppong
at Anaconda Ventures

Anaconda Ventures
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Policy Society Technology Environment Energy Materials Mobility

More about this expert:

I have a very diverse background from working with innovative concepts on ECO tourism and tech analysis. To managing projects related to resource development in rural areas. I have worked in various types of teams from research to project organization and evaluation at both local and European level. Mediating in intercultural programmes at local and international level. I have worked extensively with cross-cultural training exercises or projects with people of different backgrounds I have general administrative and customer related experience, advisory and communication skills, interaction with clients, phone services, referrals, secretarial duties, liasing with in-house staff ,overseeing of work schedule,writing reports, problem solving. Organising training programmes ,organizing workshops, supervising campaigns,giving educational lectures in schools and institutions on social equality. Organising and supervising programmes,holding seminars,workshops,liasing with group representatives,youth assistance and public lecturing. Co-organised and supervised Nordic mutual projects, educational workshops, concerts and fund raising events. I have worked as the operations manager of many projects as the one responsible for ensuring that only those with the correct permissions can access resources. I have had to make sure that the team operates according to the regulations set forth in our operations plan. I have been charged with the responsibility for the security aspect of projects to ensure that the necessary security essentials for the project is in place. I have worked with the implementation of ethical code of operation and ensuring they are not breached in any way. I have tons of experience in working with work related permits and regulations. And to ensure that observed accordingly and appropriately with all departments within the system. I have a passion for marketing and incubation analysis of Start-ups and have been involved as technical analyst or technician, with Nordic entrepreneurs in various areas of professional disciplines.