Håkan Jonsson
Senior Consultant
at Gaia Consulting

Gaia Consulting
Private company


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Society Design Energy Water Air Materials Construction

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Passion To create unique outstanding to-the-point solutions; Water; Services; Understanding how to capitalize and integrate environmental dimensions in products and services; Knowledge transfer between countries; To generate value on the interface: business-environment. How did I become me? The external environment has always intrigued me, especially water and aquatic environments. This basic substance has a cunning quality of always funding its way – there are definitely some learning points here. I started my working life on a very molecular level doing basic research at a soil genesis laboratory at my alma mater. Moving on, I have since throughout my career been working with business development and consulting, spanning construction, facilities/property management and FMCG, including M&A-projects; in USA, Germany, Sweden, and now Finland. Environmental matters in all of these areas have remained a red throughout. I am very much an idea and concept person. But what I realize and appreciate is that, in the end, it is all about people and the way we relate and perceive. People – not the ideas or engineering solutions – end up making the difference. The problems I solve Business development; Business creation; International assignments; Services; Service-delivery; Energy efficiency in property; Life Cycle Costing; Public-private partnerships; Environmental dimensions in services; Service productification; Solar energy; Renewable energy