Katri Koivula
MBA Student
at Aalto University

Aalto University


Expert in:

Policy Society Environment Processes

More about this expert:

I am a qualified and experienced development cooperation professional and an MBA student with 15 years of working experience in foreign affairs and development policy, in NGOs, international consultancy companies and in the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. I have lived and worked for longer periods in Peru, Nicaragua and Spain and regular visits to developing countries (for instance Peru, Colombia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Kenya) have been an essential part of my recent job in World Vision Finland, which is part of the fourth biggest development and relief organization in the world, operating in more than 100 countries. In World Vision I worked as Head of Good Governance and Youth Employment. Prior to that my responsibility was to manage, lead and supervise the Latin America team. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I have a strong ambition and desire to grow in my expertise. This ambition to improve has lead me to take on assignments and new challenges in other countries in order to gain experience and language skills. It has also been my driving force in applying to the Aalto University MBA programme. I started my studies in the beginning of 2016. The MBA programme offers me a positive challenge to develop my personal and leadership skills and take my career to the next level. Operating in emerging markets requires deep knowledge of the business environment, which means knowledge of politics, governance and power relations, culture and religion, social and environmental issues, infrastructure and technology. In these themes I have genuine expertise. I am convinced that my background and core competences together with economical and business knowledge, which I am now gaining through the MBA studies, is a unique combination resulting needed “cross functional” capabilities and views very often needed in complex circumstances. Key qualifications: project management and DME, capacity building and technical assistance, human rights based approach, communications and advocacy. Specific thematic expertise in: good governance and civil society engagement, human rights (including child rights), economical development and business-partnerships creation and environmental policy. Working in a development cooperation sector is a challenge in itself - creating impact is a positive challenge that one working in that sector takes everyday. Developing fragile societies is about change. Changes in peoples lives and dynamics in communities in many different ways: change of attitudes, practices and ways of work, values, self-confidence or change in relations, local economics, politics and governance. Having been part in those processes I have gained an understanding of the various political and personal interests and power dynamics that affected the decision-making and implementation processes. I have learnt how to read different situations and people, to listen to people and their points of view and also facilitate their moving towards the common goal. I have got very good practice and in working in a culturally different environment with totally different rules, hierarchy and processes than in Finland or in Europe. I am capable of working in very challenging situations and contexts under pressure without losing my balance.