Marko Nokkala
Senior Scientist
at VTT

Governmental organization


Expert in:

General Finance Society Energy Water Processes Mobility

More about this expert:

Passion Project and concept development, working with new clients for new solutions. Helping to create solutions for better and cleaner livelihoods, especially in areas currently considered as most urgent to develop (Africa, Russian Federation). Personally motivated about challenges in Ukraine, as the country has so much unfilled potential. How did I become me? I have spent some years in Africa and I came to realize that part of the problem of technology transfer is the assumption that Europeans know things better. I have learnt to listen to potential clients and to map out the need, on which any solutions can only be based on if sustainable results are wanted. I have worked with transport sector issues in the past, and in my current position I link the knowledge on transport problems with management of utilities networks and development of districts and entire cities. Second important aspect is that not always the funding mechanisms are clear even for the best solutions available. This has taught me to work closely with our clients in mapping out the possibilities and to seek jointly ways in which projects can be executed. Having a background in applied economics I am used to carrying out assessments of costs and benefits of the projects together with assessment of risks and uncertainties involved. I have travelled extensively in Africa and currently I am focusing on studying the Russian language as the country and its opportunities in the areas of municipality development provide huge potential. The problems I solve Development on new and innovative ways to deal with municipal problems, such as energy, water and waste management. Offering the concept of EcoCity to provide clients solutions by Finnish cutting-edge technologies.