Eric Britton
MD, Professor, Activist, Researcher, Founding Editor, Consultant, Adviser
at EcoPlan International. Institut Supérieur de Gestion

EcoPlan International. Institut Supérieur de Gestion
Nongovernmental organization

Paris / Lyon

Expert in:

Policy Society Technology Environment Energy Mobility ICT

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Trained as a development economist, Eric Britton is a sustainability activist, Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris, and managing director of EcoPlan International, an independent advisory network providing strategic counsel for government and business on policy and decision issues involving complex systems, social-technical change and sustainable development. His latest work focuses on the subject of equity, economy and efficiency in city transport and public space, and helping governments to ask the right questions and find practical solutions to urging climate, mobility, life quality and job creation issues. Founding editor of World Streets and the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice, his forthcoming book, “CONTRADICTIONS: Toward a General Theory of Transport in Cities”, is being presented, discussed and critiqued in a series of international conferences, master classes, peer reviews and media events in Asia, Europe and Africa over 2016. - - > More: # # # Let me end this with a Haiku. written last year in Hsinchu, Taiwan's windy city, as they undertake to renew their city: the great art is to listen to the softest voice even in the wind