Marko Lavikainen
Advisor for Strategy and Commercial Operations
at Gofort & Partners

Gofort & Partners
Private company


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Finance Society Technology Construction

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Passion I regard sustainable business management as a process of strategic decisions rather than a single phase or goal. I am a strategy enthusiast who believes that internal "good" and public "good"can be recalibrated in a profitable way. How did I become me? I am a son of entrepreneurs. Through their business I saw the importance of healthy ecosystems and productive local economies. Years in Sampo Insurance Group taught me the meaning of holistic security and risk management. In my own business I now combine both sustainable business development and risk management through 360 degrees strategic decision making in marketing and commercial operations. The problems I solve My focus at the moment is in the property and facility management and property services. My mandate is to encourage start-ups and SMEs to: 1) create products and services to the needs of SMEs; 2) create long-term partnerships with clients by promoting sustainable overall business practices; 3) maintain sustainable and efficient leadership; 4) understand the meaning of strategy driven business; 5) develop projects at the regional and city levels