Tuomas Vanhanen
Area Sales Manager
at ABB / Soon to be non-fiction author

ABB / Soon to be non-fiction author
Private company

Tampere / Vaasa

Expert in:

Policy Law Technology Environment Energy ICT

More about this expert:

At ABB my responsibility is making sure our customers are served the best way. We have a wide smart grid portfolio, which can benefit you by providing more reliable electricity supply. In many occasions we can offer cost savings compared to underground cabling to increase electricity distribution reliability. My background and key interests can be listed as follows: ① Smart Grid technologies ② Power generation technologies ③ Marketing and communication skills Basically I'm marketing oriented sales person with technology background. My skills are somewhat evenly balanced from being able to write stories to going through technical specifications. I'm able to pull through projects with a lot of moving parts. I'm more of a visionary than micro-manager. SELECTED EXAMPLES OF KEY COMPETENCE ● Overall understanding of market and technology development of renewable energy ● Fault management concepts in medium voltage grids. ● Distribution System Operators' regulatory market environments. I'm highly interested in facts based discussion on reaching low-carbon economy.