Younghun Kim
Product and Marketing Development Manager
at MariMatic



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Finance Technology Environment Materials Processes

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Passion Stimulate our senses and develop ideas for a clean world. How did I become me? During my PhD degree, my major subject was chemical engineering and my minor subject environmental engineering. Since September 2007 I worked for Aalto University School of Science and Technology as a senior and post-doc researcher. The latest project duty was the manufacturing of silica nanoparticles in pilot scale in collaboration with VTT. I also participated in the project of Phase Stability Calculation and Equilibrium Measurements for Biorefinery funded by Tekes. My doctoral thesis focused on the measurement of phase equilibrium for clean fuel processes. I recently joined MariMatic Oy, a company that provides the world’s most innovative solutions for pneumatic waste conveying. The problems I solve MariMatic Oy has over 30 years of experience in pneumatic waste collection systems. I am focusing on both product development and marketing development for the Automatic Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS).