Priit Vimberg
at Vimberg Holding

Vimberg Holding
Private company


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Technology Design Environment Energy Processes ICT

More about this expert:

With 20+ years experience in senior executive positions, as an entrepreneurial-minded visionary person, I have strategic view and I execute. Worked for start-ups where I built products from scratch, acquired more than 7MEUR investments for different projects from VC-s and took many services to the market. Done commercial deals with big corporations, negotiating and closing multinational contracts and executed projects in different parts of the world. Good with people, have handled difficult personalities, proven track on building extraordinary teams and delivered outstanding results. Special experience in cloud based platforms and solutions for Internet of Things (IoT), including user interfaces and embedded HW & SW for edge devices. The best proof is Yoga Smart Home platform. Built with extremely limited resources, made a solution with extraordinary functionality and user experience. Made deals with Intel, TeliaSonera and two other multinational corporations taking Yoga into global markets. 

 Have extensive start-up experience. Worked through the good and bad, making and taking new products and services into virgin markets. This experience gave extraordinary skills to manage stressful and complicated situations while building the "next big thing". Passionate about business models, which is the most crucial part of the business. I apply viral aspects into any model to make business scalable by itself. Like to be part of teams and companies who look to re-shape industries that have been in standstill for decades.