Rong Xu
Executive Vice President
at Jiangsu



Expert in:

Energy Water Air Materials Processes Construction

More about this expert:

Passion Cleantech business development, technology transfer, strategy planning and operation, team building and management. How did I become me? Creating Values for the work is my Vision. Years of experience to serve industrial customers in wastewater treatment , water monitoring, metal removal and bioprocess innovation for waste treatment. PhD in developmental biology. Long experience in MNC company on how to build organizational strategy and operation. Present responsibilities include establishing the model as industry promoter, regarding market analysis, policy digest, technology transfer and company incubation. Dedicating to serve companies in environmental industry in all areas and leveraging government resources and social capitals to support their growth. The problems I solve Wastewater treatment, metal removal, bioprocess treatment, environment monitoring, international technology introduction, market partner for business development, pilot project running in waste management, company incubation and operation.