Sanna Makkonen
User-centered Software Development
at Qvantel



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Society Technology Design Environment Energy Processes Mobility ICT

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PASSION Innovating and developing collaborative solutions based on ecological, economical and socio-cultural sustainability. I want to do more with less! HOW DID I BECOME ME? As a user-centered software, service and design project lead, I have coordinated multiple international cross-functional teams to innovate and produce compelling customer value propositions and new business opportunities that differentiate from its competitors. I have 20 years of experience in the areas of UX and digital design management, strategy and branding, by working in corporations like Nokia and Microsoft, and several design agencies before that. THE PROBLEMS I SOLVE As an advocate for sustainable development & frugal business solutions, I seek constant understanding of real life challenges & customer needs. I use creative problem solving methods and tools to identify business opportunities, generate ideas, and obtain sustainable and affordable solutions. I practice agile, transparent and responsible teamwork to develop new approaches for creating sustainable business models in different political, societal and business contexts.