Seppo Tossavainen
Area Manager
at Finpro

Governmental organization


Expert in:

Energy Water Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Experienced and innovative business generator in the field of aquaculture and fish farming. Good insight of global aquaculture; fish farming market through own practical experience of 20 years. How did I become me? Area manager of Finpro in Eastern Finland, member in Finpro’s Life Science team. Deep understanding and own practical experience of global aquaculture markets, especially how to utilize industry site services in fish farming. E.g. utilizing waste heat in cold water environment, using industry waste water systems to treat fish farming waste, using recirculated aquaculture systems in intensive fish farming to minimize harm to the nature. Founder member of Arvo-Tec (global aquaculture technology company) and Carelian Caviar (global caviar producer), M.Sc. in Life Sciences (water and fish biology), University of Eastern Finland, MBA. The problems I solve How to utilize industry site services, e.g. waste heat and water treatment systems in modern recirculated aquaculture and fish farming systems. How to develop an environmentally sustainable aquaculture and fish farming business.