Kati Manskinen
Director, Research, Development and Innovation
at Lahti University of Applied Sciences

Lahti University of Applied Sciences


Expert in:

Law Technology Environment Energy Water Air Materials Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Promote the profitability of companies through sustainability. Develop new methods to improve resource efficency and circulate by-products. Solve various environmental related challanges together with other expertises. How did I I become me? I am a Doctor of Science in Environmental Technology within Process Industry and a Master of Science in Applied Chemistry. Currently, I work as a Research, Development and Innovation Director at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences in the field of cleantech. This field of research promotes material and energy efficiency, utilisation of renewable energy sources and sustainable urban planning. I have a strong background based on several years' (1996-2014) working experience in Chemical and Forest Industry. I have an extensive expertise in environmental management, developing the sustainability of industrial processes through new methods and clean technologies as well as in utilisation and treatment of by-products. The problems I solved Various "real-life" environmental cases for instance I have improved the efficiency of waste water and sludge treatment, built cost-effective constructions at the landfield site by means of new innovative ways and managed to find new utilisation possibilities for ashes and sludges.