Jari Innanen
Design Director
at Granlund

Private company


Expert in:

Technology Design Environment Energy Construction

More about this expert:

Currently I'm heading the data center cervices at Granlund Oy. Our DC services covers design and consultancy tasks concerning data center infrastructure, upkeeping processes and energy management. Granlund specializes in design, consultancy, software services and innovations. We provide expert services in building design and many related areas. Our consultancy services cover property and maintenance management as well as energy and environmental matters.Granlund is a leading expert in datacenter design and consultancy in Finland. I have 20-years experiance from the building services system design and consultancy and energy management sector. I'm also a Chairman in Finnish Data Center Forum Assosiation. Assosiation was founded in 2014 to develop Finnish data center knowledge and help companies to network in data center industry area.