Eija Kiviranta
Business Lead, Content Lead, Expert, CEO
at Solved and Dream Pilots Oy

Solved and Dream Pilots Oy
Private company


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Policy Finance Society Technology Design Environment Energy Materials Processes Mobility ICT

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Passion To help businesses and organisations on their sustainable journey. Creating future proof value where in addition to the economic value, benefits are also provided to the environment and communities (=shared value). Finding new perspectives and insights how to increase value and create impact. Discovering, understanding, experimenting and mastering. Building a strong spirit and an open and trusting environment focusing on results and inspiration. Leadership, Innovations, Digitalisation / ICT, Lean / agile thinking, Program and project management, Corporate Responsibility, Customer experience, Shared Value and Change management. How did I become me? I started my career in the software industry doing typical development tasks and managing projects and clients. After some years, I eventually got the opportunity to move to London and begin my dream of being a global citizen. During my 5 years in London and 2 years in Malaysia, where I setup my own company, I visited over 20 countries in all continents managing projects / services and many diverse teams in the shipping industry. I achieved great results and felt as ‘being home’ as well in Ivory Coast, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Bombay, Yokohama, Dubai as anywhere in Europe. After returning to Finland (after 2 years in Stockholm in gaming industry) I had during the following 10 years many operational leadership roles running businesses (turnover up to 10m€) in primarily in the ICT, Telecom and Security sectors. Profitable growth, innovation, motivated teams, satisfied clients and a trusting environment were my main achievements. Nature has always played an important part in my life. Only after I started my work as a director for Corporate Responsibility and Innovations in a big IT company did I clearly realize how businesses and organisations can and should take a strong position to protect and sustain the environment. It is not only about protecting nature, it is about protecting the business. I managed to demonstrate in practice how this could be done in a big company. Our focus were then mainly in smart city and smart office solutions. I set up my own company in 2013 to continue on this sustainable business journey. The problems I solve The needs of our society should be brought into core of our business with shared value impact. We live in a complex eco-system where we need to engage and interact with various stakeholders. We need to look at value creation in many levels and ways. New business models can increase the impact. Challenges are opportunities to enable innovations. Innovation is a journey from discovery to impact. We need to test ideas early and learn fast and that is where lean thinking with experiments comes useful. Leading and managing projects, services, teams, innovations or cultural changes needs strong leadership. I can support organisations by solving above issues in co-creative way with an external view and strong experience.