Bjarne Häggman
Senior Expert on Forestry and Environment
at Ecofor Consulting (sole proprietorship)

Ecofor Consulting (sole proprietorship)
Private company


Expert in:

Policy Society Environment Energy Processes

More about this expert:

Passion Forests, Nature and Environment. Extensive knowledge and experiences of international forestry sector development support projects through promotion of best available practices and a passion for problem solving, capacity building and active stakeholder cooperation. How did I become me? I was born on an agricultural-forestry farm, and grew up and worked in the countryside and forests. Graduated from the University of Helsinki in forestry sciences, and have conducted continued further training. I have worked mainly with promoting the private forestry sector, forest improvement, natural resources inventories and management, and advisory services to private land owners. My passion for international forestry issues guided me during the 1980s into preparing development support projects, natural resources capacity building, knowledge sharing, and professional work abroad, and in the 1990s into practical implementation of development field activities and various consulting assignments. Multi-sectoral and cross-sectoral approaches are also familiar challenges. The problems I solve Innovative forest development project planning, pre-feasibility studies, extension services and practical application of best practices for capacity building and sustainable renewable resources management and utilization.