Kaisa Kurittu
Managing Director, Sustainability Solutions
at Ratkaisutoimisto Vinha

Ratkaisutoimisto Vinha
Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Design Environment Energy Air Processes

More about this expert:

Passion * Developing existing habits, and innovating new methods to utilise global resources efficiently. * Identifying business cases in sustainability, and being creative in communication. * Inspiring peers to challenge given norms. How did I become me? Being “a bushman”, having orienteering as my favorite hobby since childhood, led me to understand the irreplaceable value of clean environment. After studying civil engineering I started my career with drawing plans for new waste fills and measuring saturations of contaminated soils. Rather soon I, however, realised I was on the “wrong side” of these issues, fixing the damage already done for the environment. So I continued my studies focusing on environmental management with intensity that I never had experienced earlier. Oh boy, I was on fire! And couldn’t wait to get back to business to utilise and share my skills to save the globe. After working 4 years in sustainability consulting, I started my own business and now I focus on providing practical solutions to environmental and sustainability problems. The problems I solve: Improving resource efficiency through developing management and measurement. Educating peers to understand their share in the big picture. Communicating and reporting the challenge and performance.