Xing Shi
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Passion Enjoy the new innovation process in business & technology and promote Nordic Green Solutions from Finland! How did I become me? From my educational background and career development, I have deeply linked myself to three most interesting neighbouring countires in the world—Finland, Russia and China. My first adventure to Finland can be traced to 1999-2001, when I was in my double bachelor degree study at Mikkeli University of Applied Science and Beijing University of Technology. In 2008-2010, I gained my double master degree in the field of International Technology and Innovation Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Graduate School of Management (GSOM) of St.Petersburg State University. Between 2001-2008, I worked in green packaging material and green logistic equipments industry. During that time, I traveled in most of the main Chinese cities, I made good friends in different fields and my clients vary from very small Chinese SMEs to multi-national world top 500 companies. After my master degree study in 2010, I started to work in the field of green city solutions. So far, I have worked with top Finnish research institues, universities and a group of top Finnish companies in creating a new business and innovation model for promoting Nordic green solutions from Finland. The problems I solve Oil contanimated soil and water; Green city master planning and traffic planning; ICT snart city solutions; Green architectural design; Building automation system (both hardware and software); Indoor air quality monitoring.