Outi Luova
Senior Researcher, CEO
at Center for East Asian Studies, University of Turku; Aasiatieto

Center for East Asian Studies, University of Turku; Aasiatieto
Private company


Expert in:

Society Technology Construction

More about this expert:

Passion Sustainable cities in China, no matter how unattainable it seems. To facilitate environmental and cleantech projects in China with my expertise. How did I become me? My interest in China started as teenager out of sheer curiosity in the pictorial Chinese language. After studies in Chinese language, society and government I received a doctorate degree in 2007. The recurrent question in my research projects has been: how local governments in China try to cope with and benefit from internationalization, urbanization and climate change. In particular, I have dealt with the fuzzy Chinese governance process from planning to implementation. Participation in the planning of a construction project in the Tianjin eco-city turned my interest in Chinese eco / low-carbon projects. Since 1995, I have worked at the University of Turku in various East Asia related national and international projects as coordinator, teacher and researcher. In 2010, I edited the book "Kiinan miljoonakaupungit" (China's megacities). To put my knowledge into practice, I started own consultancy "Aasiatieto". The problems I solve The socio-administrative local context and risks of environmental / clean-tech projects in China. Regional and local development plans and trends.