Minnamaari Harmaala
Principal Lecturer
at Haaga-Helia UAS

Haaga-Helia UAS


Expert in:

General Policy Society Environment

More about this expert:

Passion Using the power of business to solve wicked problems; making CSR create value for companies and societies simultaneously; concretisizing the business case for CSR. How did I become me? I have a passion for the outdoors. Perhaps this initiated my interest in environmental management originally. For my Ph.D. studies I looked at the potential environmental investments have for real quantifiable environmental improvements in the pulp and paper industry. During my studies met a bunch of like-minded people, with whom we went on to start a CSR consultancy/ CSR reporting software company. I spent roughly ten years helping international companies align their business with new environment related demands originating mainly from stakeholders or from law-making. This gave me excellent insight into business models, strategic take on CSR as well as the challenges of driving through change processes. Throughout my studies I became convinced that companies need to be involved with CSR on a strategic level to ensure competitiveness and to stay in the game. Gradually I’m all the more certain that companies are part of the solution; not part of the problem. All we need are convincing cases and the clear demonstration of the business case for strategic CSR or shared value creation. I currently oversee curriculum development for CSR at our University while at the same time being involved in corporate projects around CSR communication and CSR strategies as well as business model innovation. The problems I solve Business development, strategic roadmapping, measuring and monetizing social impact.